Trusted Advisor Team

I have numerous partners in place to assist you as part of my trusted advisor team. This extended network will provide the support you choose, to help you on the path to your ideal business and ideal life. Whatever you or your business needs, I can put together a trusted team to make it happen.

Certified Business Valuators

We have developed relationships with some of the best Certified Business Valuators in the industry. Whether you need a basic idea of your business’s value from a sales perspective or someone to provide a valuation for tax planning purposes, we put you in contact with a skilled professional in this field.

Due Diligence

Business Transitions Plus can provide the people required to complete the due diligence on your pending purchase of a business. Doing a great job of due diligence ensures the business you think you are buying is the actual one you are actually buying.

Financial Planners

Have you taken the time to do any personal financial planning? This is a critical step in the transition planning process and we can suggest some experienced professionals to help you through this.

Insurance Specialists

Do you have the right insurance in place for personal or business needs? Do you have too much or too little? Our specialized contacts can ensure your critical investments are properly protected.


When we start working with our clients, we often find that they need some help in different accounting areas, such as tax planning. We can help find the right team to assist you in an efficient and timely manner.

Legal Professionals

Having the right team in place from a legal perspective is crucial. We can put you in touch with the right firms for the job.

Financing Specialists

We have partners who can arrange and facilitate financing when structuring a deal. Whether you’re looking for a management buy-out, a transfer within the family, or a third party buy-out, our partners can help you better understand your financing options.

Mergers & Acquisitions Specialists

Sometimes a third party-controlled auction is the best way to sell your business. We have partnered with some great mergers & acquisitions specialists for these situations.

Private Equity Groups

Want to find a private equity group to invest in your company? We have contacts within many select groups, and understand what they are looking for in acquisitions. We can connect you with the right groups, if you’re interested in this option.

Human Resource Specialists

We sometimes enlist other consultants to help speed up the Value Creation process. To assist our clients, we have created a strategic partnership with a human resources company that lives, breathes, and dreams human capital.

Employee Share Ownership Plans (ESOP)

An ESOP is not for every business owner. If you’re interested in this option, we can connect you with the most experienced ESOP firm in the industry. Past clients have greatly benefited from working with them.

Marketing & Branding Specialists

Once a plan is in place it is important that your branding and marketing are aligned with your goals. Finding the right company to assess your current branding and marketing strategies is important to future success. I have a number of advisors available to you that can help you align your branding and marketing.