Dave and I began working together in June of 2015. Our goal was to ensure that all are employees were aligned with where we wanted go. The problem we identified immediately was that we were not sure where we wanted to go.
With Dave’s help we developed a vision, a mission and corporate objectives to support our vision.

Michel Leroux
Summit Valve

Dave has been an integral piece of our “puzzle.” Overall we were lacking direction and cohesion and Dave helped bring us together and achieve our focus. We clearly defined our Mission, Vision, and Values (MVV) using his MVV process and the impact has been significant. I think often that people think spending time to define MVV is a waste. It is definitely not a waste; it is worth the time and effort. It can help a company determine where their focus needs to be directed, it gives employees a path to arrive at their own decisions, it helps to move things in a forward path. This may seem intuitive but it really isn’t. Having these key pieces defined is critical to organizational success. I would highly recommend Dave in a consulting capacity to help guide other organizations through this process. It is one that requires an experienced hand otherwise it typically is just words on paper. Let Dave help bring the right words, words with meaning.

Darielle Corsaro

Like most business owners, I was having some issues working through a specific area of my business. I was frustrated, confused, and looking for answers. It is sometimes very frustrating to be an entrepreneur, and I was certainly at a place that the frustration was at a peak.

Lynn Gagne

As a small business owner I was looking at expanding my opportunities and business horizons through a new business venture and I had the opportunity to use Dave Sinclair from Business Transitions Plus as a consultant.

Jeff Fortunat

I appreciated the time that Dave Sinclair spent with me as he allowed me to have someone to be accountable to. He has a wealth of knowledge and when he doesn’t know something he looks to his network to support you.

Khaliyf Crichlow

I started my collaboration with Dave two years ago. The first project we had was to elaborate a strategy to start up a consulting business. Then I used the work and life balancing tool he has developed to realign my goals. I am very glad and grateful to have worked with him as he combines business and life coaching qualities.

Umugaba Seminari

Dave Sinclair has been a solid mentor to me during my personal and career transformation. In the midst of change and challenge at 38 years old, Business Transitions Plus provided a program to guide me in discovering what my balanced life looks. There is so much value in exploring how your ideal life should be lived and the information ultimately helped in making decisions about my future. A caring and personable professional to work with, Dave was able to draw out some of my own fear and apprehensions about personal transition, this made working with him that much more open, honest and meaningful. Sincere thank you Dave!

Greg Teha

I hired Dave to assist me with getting my company ready for a sale. Dave worked with me to find the areas that I needed to improve and strengthen so I could get the most value for my company. Awesome job Dave!


Dave Sinclair has been vital in guiding our business to start thinking and planning about our company’s long term succession and financial goals. With the day to day business operations consuming much of our time, Dave was able to provide us with several tools and activities that have given our company helpful insight on how to maximize the value within the business and which areas are currently lacking. We value the expertise of DFS Solutions and are excited to work with them in the future to realize all of our aspirations. Thanks!

Eric Schuit

The puzzle exercise Dave presented in the session I attended, and stepping back exercises I worked on after the session have helped me shed light on how I was approaching the process of planning the use of my time. Stepping back makes you focus on the life dimensions that are important to you, ask yourself how are you doing in each of them, where are you at and where would you like to go, work out a strategy to get there, and think of the next steps you need to take to head towards attaining your goals. The puzzle exercise taught me a valuable lesson, If you don’t have goals and a plan/strategy to reach them, then you will continue to work on whatever you think needs to be dealt with at the moment, and not work on the things that will take you closer to living your ideal life.

Jose Barril

I have known and I worked with Dave as my personal coach for a few years now. Dave is very easy and comfortable to talk to. He provides a calm, relaxed and trust filled atmosphere allowing you to build quick rapport with him. What I enjoy most about Dave is his incredible talent to listen deeply and in between the lines. He asks curiosity filled questions that sometimes carry a powerful internal inquiry within them. It is this inquiry that makes me think hard. I get truly curious about myself and with that, it suddenly triggers that “Aha” moment where so much becomes clear and opens the door to move forward. Despite in which mood I step into our coaching sessions, I always walk away with clarity, growth and a feel of inner contentment. For me, coaching with Dave is not something I just do for a while until I reach my goals, it is continuous self-care where I invest in myself, because growth never ends.

Tilly Remy
"Inventor of the Backpack of possibilities ;)"

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