Ideal Business Executive Coaching

  • It really is personal … and not just business.
  • As a former business owner and leader I tried it all. Business coaches. Books. Homework. Strategic planning toolkits. Whiteboard planning sessions.
  • But what I discovered was that if anything was going to be different about my professional and business life … I had to change. It had to start with me, who I had become, and how different that was from my ideal life.
  • That’s what makes my process work. We start with you and your ideal life and then add in of the business planning tools to get your business where you want it to be … in congruence with your ideal life.

Ideal life.
The most important person and the starting point for building a more successful business … either to add value to the business and/or create more profits …. or to prepare your company for sale is … YOU.
Do you have the courage to be different? My success equation in helping businesses be better starts with business owners and leaders who realize that they are missing out on an ideal life.
I will work with you to help you discover what your ideal life is. Once you have a handle on what your ideal life is we can set realistic goals on how to bridge where you are today and what you need to do to get there.
When’s the last time you sat down and figured out the distance between what you hoped your ideal life would be and what you do day-to-day now?

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