Is it Luck?

I was catching up with a client and friend the other day about his journey over the last 10 years in business and life. He had just told me about a new development that had come up in his business that had been a long time coming. Some would consider it a lucky break. I have always leaned away from the words lucky break and I asked my client what his thoughts were on this…

After the question he stepped back for a moment to analyze this idea of a “lucky break”.

“You know Dave, I don’t think it is luck but more so being mindful of your business, your life and what is going on around you. It is kind of like the hallway exercise you took me through a while back. You know the one where you walk out of a door and it closes behind you but in front of you is a long hallway with doorways along either side as far as you can see…some of the doors are open, and some are closed and locked. I find now as I am walking this hallway it is almost like having a sense that there may be even more doors as I walk it and I am more open myself to what may be behind these doors. It feels like there are less locked doors as I walk along as I become aware to what is going on around me, inside me, and my business. When I combine this with the willingness, and the grit to keep walking the hallway, and even sometimes booting open a locked door I get the sense that there is no limit on the amount of opportunity that exists… the “market” is not cornered on new ideas. All I could say was “Wow, what an insight!”

I asked him if he could let me know a bit more about what he meant about being more mindful of the business.

“When you are mindful of the business you become more aware of (and connected to) your emotions. What is important to you? By processing that and gaining the ability to determine what really needs to be done allows you to be more vulnerable and sensitive to what it will take to succeed. Allowing yourself to be vulnerable and sensitive provides a “silent strength” that gives direction for everyone involved. The shareholders, the employees, customers, suppliers, well everyone! I think, with this new awareness, the business owner can then step back and reduce their need to control everything, to have all the answers right now, and to be more human. This new mindful state can have the power to allow everyone to be part of the tribe. To be part of the solution. From here everyone involved with the business can learn, be healthy and grow, together”

In my opinion I think I would be hard pressed to find better words in any management textbook. It is moments like these that, as a coach and a guide that I live for.

What is it that you take away from this blog?

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