Dave’s Life Hacks

A quick little story about me to let you in a bit deeper. In 2011, when I was facing one of the biggest decisions of my life, I was a complete mess. I was stressed out, weighed 270 pounds, and my family life was suffering.  In short, life had become not so much fun. I was making a ton of money and was using the money to try to “buy” happiness. Fancy cars, lavish vacations, hell, I even built myself a complete mountain waterfall in my backyard to try to buy myself some Zen. It was not working. It was time to make a change and that I did. I sold my businesses and decided it was time to start over. What I found on the other side of that sale was a complete kick in the pants. I really had no idea who I was.

This kick started a process of introspection, and a rekindling of what success is for me. Along the way I found a some great tools and products that helped me make this all happen. Below are just a few of my favorite products. They may fit with you, they may not. As always, reach out to me if you have any questions! Remember to also check out the books store for some of my favorite books that I absorbed during my journey.


Iheart is a fingertip monitor that measures aoritic stiffness that is a key indicator of your overall health. A quick 30 second measurement allows you to see how young you are on the inside. I find this to be a fantastic motivational tool to do the “good things” in life that fuel you to keep you young, strong, and energetic. Enter code DAVESINCLAIR in the coupon section to get 10% off of your purchase today!

Bullet Proof Coffee

This coffee is amazing! My personal journey on it has helped me lose 20 pounds over the last year allowing me to get to my ideal weight with hardly any work. Well maybe a bit of work, but hey if you want something important you need to make it happen. Another massive benefit to the coffee is the way it feeds your brain and takes you to the next level! The site allows you to get your main ingredients for the coffee, and I swear by the coffee, and brain octane oil.


A fantastic tool that teaches you not only how to incorporate mindfulness and meditation into your everyday life, but also is simple, fun, and easy for you increasing your motivation to make it all happen. What can meditation do for you? It can give you that one second pause before reacting. It can allow you to see your thoughts for what they are. Just thoughts. Get control over the chatter in your mind, and find the peace, energy and clarity this can bring.


Do you use a notebook to keep track of your TO DO’s? Do you struggle with note books and trying to find exactly where you have put that note you wrote a year ago? I have. Not anymore. I am always on the lookout for cool tech that just makes my life, well, simpler. RocketBook does that in a reusable format that allows you to keep track of your to dos, and important notes, and then quickly scan them to specific spots that you specify for easy reference later. Check out RocketBook to make your notes work for you!

What is mindfulness guide and kick start

Do you want to get the benefits from mindfulness and do not know where to start? Read this free guide for a simple down to earth explanation of mindfulness. The guide also includes some great tools you can instantly implement so you can gain the benefits of a more mindful life.