Dave's Business Hacks

What is the one thing as entrepreneurs we never have enough of? Maybe your mind went to money, but what about time? I know I have faced this challenge myself, and a popular topic with my clients is often time management.

I believe that the more organized, and the more we embrace the tools that exist out there, the more we can actually start creating a bit more time  and space for ourselves. Below are some of the business tools that I use to help make this a reality for myself and my clients. As they say, time is money. I would go one step further. Time is value. What you do with it is up to you, and what your definition of success is. What would you do with just one more hour per week? What could that mean to you?


Do you use a notebook to keep track of your TO DO’s? Do you struggle with note books and trying to find exactly where you have put that note you wrote a year ago? I have. Not anymore. I am always on the lookout for cool tech that just makes my life, well, simpler. RocketBook does that in a reusable format that allows you to keep track of your to dos, and important notes, and then quickly scan them to specific spots that you specify for easy reference later. Check out RocketBook to make your notes work for you!


Where are all of your critical files? How do you and your team share files? What would a prospective buyer of your company say if you told them “all the files and important information is in my head and on my personal computer?” Would this increase or decrease the value of your business? Answer this question the right way by using a simple tool like Dropbox for Business today and increase the value of your business.


I started using Lucidchart about a year ago, and the change in my organization, brainstorming, process mapping, and even the work I do with my clients has been transformed. It even has a business model canvas template in it! Get the recipe out of your head for your business and down on paper as flow charts, organizational charts and any other type of diagram you can imagine.  Get the recipe for your business out on paper, and watch your organization flourish!


Have you taken the time to define what your definition of success is for your business? Have you taken the time to plan for what it will take to make this happen? Have you shared these ideas with the people within your organization? Do you have a way to create accountability and make sure the plans you have created and shared actually get executed? What would it mean to your company or organization if you could answer yes to all of these questions? Our proprietary online program allows you to answer yes to the questions above and almost double your chances of achieving your goals!