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I was the guy from the outside that others would think: “He has it made”. I was a 40-something partner in a multinational, profitable industrial corporation and I was making big money. I was so proud that I could provide my family with a lifestyle they always dreamed of: a beautiful home, fancy cars and trucks, exotic vacations … we had it all.  So I thought.

Unfortunately, it was never enough. The intoxication of wanting more … a bigger house, more lavish vacations, fancier “toys’ … wasn’t fun anymore. Something was missing.

What I didn’t have was happiness, fulfillment, or balance. I was running a million miles a minute in my head staying ahead of it all. I was relentless about running the business profitably and had little time or energy to think about what was really important to me and my family.

Finally, a true friend sat me down and asked me what my “end game” really was. The stress, the running around, the pressure to provide … all of this was showing up in the way I was living, and was deteriorating the relationships with the people I cared most about. I was imprisoned by the chase of more money and more business success, and it was time to stop and re-assess.

I realized that the “end game” for me is what I now call an ideal life.

Dave Sinclair is the founder and owner of Business Transitions Plus. He holds a Masters in Business Administration (MBA); is certified as an Exit Planning Professional (CExP) and Transition Planning Consultant (TPC).

Dave started Business Transitions Plus in 2012, to fulfill his passion for helping people discover their ideal life and build business success. He has guided many business leaders to find their ideal life, increase value in businesses, and prepare companies for sale.

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